Cleaning Service


At Custom Home Services, we proudly use professional-grade cleaning supplies and products that are reliable and safe. Our highly-trained professional cleaning specialists deliver unmatched results. Whether you need our Basic package, the Deep Cleaning package, or our Hello Goodbye package, we will make your house feel like home. Once you’re hooked, we have recurring packages that maintain that clean home feeling.

Package Options


Looking for a one-time clean or a spot clean? Our Basic package is perfect for you! With this package, we offer a fixed-rate based on the amount of time you would like our team to spend cleaning. Our fixed-rate packages range from 2-5 hours. Your cleaning needs are handled by our team of professionals in order of importance, based on your prioritization with the time you predetermined.

Deep Cleaning

If you’re looking for an in-depth cleaning that covers baseboards, trim-work, blinds, and other more detailed areas, our Deep Cleaning package is just what the doctor ordered! As with our other cleaning packages, we deliver our classic house to home cleaning service. Rates for your Deep Cleaning package are determined by factors such as the level of cleaning that is required, square footage of your home, and the number of bedrooms/bathrooms.

Hello Goodbye

Our Hello Goodbye package is ideal for moving in or out of an old home, apartment, or condo. Moving can be taxing in itself, so make things easier on yourself by letting us get your home ready for your new adventure! We offer an in-depth cleaning that covers all interior and exterior surfaces, blinds and windows, trim-work, appliances, countertops, floors/carpets, and anything else you can think of. In the event you are moving from an apartment or condo, we are typically able to work directly with property managers to determine cleaning requirements needed to ensure you receive your full security deposit. These rates are based on the level of cleaning that is required, square footage of your home, and the number of bedrooms/bathrooms with no time restraints.

Recurring Cleaning Options

Tidy Up

Our Tidy Up package is our most basic recurring cleaning package. This package covers a weekly or biweekly visit from our professional cleaners. The Tidy Up process includes sanitizing all bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, and appliances, sweeping and mopping all floors, vacuuming any carpeted areas and rugs, making all beds, emptying garbage cans/replacing liners, and lightly dusting surfaces such as counters and tables. It is a great and affordable option, which is determined by your home configuration and cleaning needs.


The Premium Maintenance Cleaning package offers our most detailed cleaning service for customers that desire a thorough home cleaning on a regular basis. 
You can expect your team of professional cleaners to sanitize and clean all kitchen surfaces and appliances, sanitize all bathrooms, sweep and mop floors, vacuum carpeted areas/rugs, make all beds, and empty garbage cans. 
The Premium Maintenance Clean goes one step further by offering additional tasks such as changing bed linens, loading the dishwasher, and/or washing dishes in the sink, spot cleaning surfaces baseboards, trim-work, interior windows, doors, and cabinets/drawers.
This package can be performed on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.


With the Alternating Cleaning Package, we are able to alternate your cleaning services between our Premium and Touch Up cleaning services.
This specific cleaning package is best suited for the homeowner who does not require detailed cleaning on a regular basis but still wishes to receive high-quality house cleaning once a week or every other week. With this package our team of Personal House Cleaners will rotate between the Premium and Touch Up service packages, performing tasks related to each service during each visit. Please review the descriptions for the Premium and Touch Up packages to fully understand what is offered in each alternating service.
Note this cleaning package is not available to those who wish to receive our service only once a month. In addition, you are expected to receive at least one Premium service once a month. With this package, you will have a flat rate for each cleaning no matter which of the alternating cleans you receive.